How To Build Minibike Stuff
A Simple Shock System


1. Cut segment out of pivoting bolt housing.

2. Purchase a good, strong, spring. Springs should be about 3-4 inches long, and can be purchased at your local hardware store.

3. Put the spring in the place of the segment you cut out of the frame, and your bike has a simple shock system.

Put rear shocks on your minibike


1. Modify your current or find a new rear frame that will accommodate the type of swingarm shown above.

2. Get or make a swingarm. I really do not recommend that you make your own swingarm. The swingarm is a very highly stressed piece of equipment. If you do decide to make it, be sure to have all the welds at a welding shop.

3. Find appropriate shocks. You need the shocks to fit just right or the whole system will be a mess. Buy high quality shocks, and know the dimensions from the top of your frame to the bottom of the swingarm.

4. Put it all together. Make sure the swingarm is aligned well with the rest of your bike. Be sure that the swingarm lines up with your clutch as it does in the picture above. This is very important otherwise the chain will be jumping off your rear sprocket all of the time.

Custom Build Your Frame


1. Get a very large piece of plywood. It need to be strong. Also get thick pieces of wood that can be screwed onto the large piece of plywood.

2. Get about 20-25 feet of steel wall tubing. This can be purchased at your local welding shop. The tubing needs to be 7/8 inches or 1 inch.

3. Cut out the thick pieces of wood to the shape you want them. Screw them onto the plywood.

4. Take your pipe and bend it around the thick pieces of wood. Sand can be poured down the tube to reduce splitting. Put a cork in each end of the pipe so it won't come out.

A Headlight


1. Get a standard bike generator.

2. Cut a hole in your engine mount. Then mount the bike generator in the hole. It should be touching the clutch to it turns when the engine is going.
3. Hook up a low voltage headlight you have purchased to the front of the frame, then hook the generator to the light.