You Need

1. HORIZONTAL shaft engine - Preferably a Tecumseh 3.5 horsepower.

2. A Frame - I do not recommend that you build your own. However if you really want to, the book that I described on the bottom of the web page will tell you how. Or you can buy a frame from Kart World.

3. Transmission - You basically need to buy a transmission from Kart World or another shop. You don't just have to use a clutch for a mini-bike. You can use a go-kart clutch as long as it fits you engine crankshaft. Or you can get a Torq-A-Verter. (Don't use a go-kart Torq-A-Verter.) Once again, Kart World is where I would buy mine. The only thing that you can really modify a clutch from is a lawnmower. And that is crummy.

4. Tires - You don't need big tires. They can usually be modified from other things such as trailers. Or you can buy ones from Kart World that are really high quality.

5. Rims - Hopefully they came with the tire. If not, you need to find ones that fit snugly, but not too tight. If you buy tires from Kart World, you can ask what rims to buy that will fit the tire.

6. The rear wheel assembly - This includes: sprocket, spacers, brake, axle, and chain and connecting link that will fit the transmission and the sprocket.

7. A chain breaker - Breaks the chain to the size you want it to be.

8. A seat - It is not really hard to make your own. Or you can buy.

9. Engine mount - If you bought a frame, it will probably have a mount on it. If not, you need to make one yourself out of strong wood or buy one and weld it on yourself.

10. Front wheel assembly - This includes spacers, and a tire and rim. You can make your own spacers by cutting pipe to the length it needs to be to suit your needs.

11. Throttle, Throttle cable, Brake Lever, Brake cable - You just need these.

12. Engine kill switch - An important safety measure. Once again, get it from Kart World.

13. Bolts - You need bolts to mount the above items.


1. Paint your frame. First clean, apply primer, and put on paint.

2. Put in the axles, but only bolt one side.

3. Put together front wheel assembly. The order of the parts from right to left should be: frame, spacer, tire, spacer, frame.

4. Back wheel assembly. Same as front, but the brake and sprocket makes it tricky. First, put the sprocket and brake system on the wheel. This is what the order should be: Frame, Metal spacer, Nylon Spacer, Brake and Sprocket system, Nylon Spacer, Metal spacer, frame.

5. Put the other bolts on the axles.

6. (Skip this step if you already have a engine mount on the frame) Put the transmission on the engine. Then put the engine on the engine mount. Take your chain and put it in the transmission like you would when the bike is ready to ride. (connected to the back sprocket) Move the engine so the chain is totally straight and mark it on the engine mount. Then weld the engine mount where your marks are.

7. Set the engine on the engine mount. Bolt it on. Put the chain on the wheel and the transmission.

8. Cut the chain with the chain breaker at the point where the chain is not too tight, but not to loose.

9. Put on the throttle and brake handles and cables. If you bought a Tecumseh engine it already has a throttle control. Most other engines don't. If it doesn't, contact your nearest dealer and ask them to put one on.

10. Connect the throttle cable to the engine. Connect the brake lever to the brake system.

11. Put the kill switch on the frame next to the throttle. Attach the end of it to the ground on your engine. If you can't find where it goes, ask somebody like a engine repair guy.

12. You're done! Have Fun!

P.S. Click on the links in the part list for pictures of parts.