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Free Go-Kart & Minibike Plans has everything you need to know to build yourself a minibike.
Air Cooled Engines and Nice Home-Built Bikes (Minibikes and Volkswagens). Good stuff!
Classic & Antique Motorcycles has some good old bike pics.
Barstool Racers is insanely cool.
Premier BeBe minis are old pocket bikes.
Classic Place has info on Honda 50s, Vespas, and more.
Primitive Cycle custom makes minis and minichoppers.
Sport Bike Shop has a nice classified ad section.
Build Your Own Kart or Mini has kits to build minis and karts, including Lil' Indians.
Bee-Tee Mfg. has lots of parts for go-peds, pocket bikes, vespas, and more.
Tired Iron has many parts, classifieds, and more.
The Online Minibike Club is cool, I'm a member.
Scooters n' Such sells motorized scooters and minis.
VELOSOLEX is forum about solex minibikes.
Dual Sporting in Ontario has lots of good stuff on minis and larger bikes.
Versa-Haul makes mini carriers that go on your car.
Ridley Motorcycle makes very nice, fast Harley-style bikes.
Great Motorcycles make custom made bikes and have dealers in the UK and North America.
Pitts Performance Inc. has high performance parts, and minibikes for sale.
Clements Racing has high performance parts. (Tecumseh too!)
The Renegade Biker Club
Minibike Extravaganza!
Electric Bikes, Kits, and Gliders.
Kart World, a great bike/part supplier.
Go Racing, the minibike search engine!
Dave & Ron's welding shop makes chopper minibikes.
MiniMoto USA features racing bikes.
Zundappe Swedish Minibikes
Motorcycho Is a cool motorcycle magazine.
IMBA - International MiniBike Association (Sells parts, articles and tips)
Racing minibikes is what this page is about.
Azusa Engineering makes lots of minibike parts.
Harborfreight sells Briggs engines.
Eagle Go Karts will make you a minibike frame with shocks!
Manufacturer's Supply sells lots of minibike parts.
Di Blasi folding minibikes are very cool.
Manco Minibikes, The Biggest commercial minibike company.
"Free" Minibike Plans
Tecumseh Engines
Briggs and Stratton Engines