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Our mission is to provide a non biased, good information source about minibikes. This is important because of a general lack of other pages like mine. I hope to help enrich the minibike community. Please send me any comments, questions or suggestions that would help make this page better. 

Minibike Central was first created in 1996, when the webmaster was only in 7th grade. Its original title was "Nick's Mini-Bike Homepage," which was promptly changed to the current name. Over the years the format of the page has changed several times while the content has always been true to the page's origins. Just before Minibike Central's 10 year anniversary I decided it was time to update the page again, which hadn't been done in several years. I find it difficult to put in the time to update Minibike Central as regularly as I used to, but it is still a great resource and gets an incredible number of hits considering how infrequently the content is updated. Since its founding, the page has had well over a million hits and currently resides as the #1 hit for the keyword "minibike" on both Yahoo and Google. A major problem with the page has always been that it frequently exceeds its bandwidth transfer limit due to the fact that it is fairly heavy on graphics and that it's still on free web hosting. In response, I've decided to start putting some unobtrusive ads on the pages that will provide the income to pay for more bandwidth. Hopefully I'll get a little return on the hundreds of hours of time I've invested over the years as well.

Some Minibike Central Factoids

A company that had pictures of bikes on my page that they were suposedly making turned out to be a scam. The guy running the "company" ended up running to Finland with tens of thousands of dollars from people who had ordered bikes but never recieved them. That's when I decided to add that little disclaimer on the bottom of the main page. I was only in middle school at the time!

I've recieved emails from people all over the world, including most of Europe, Australia, Indonesia, South America, India, China, and even South Africa.

Minibike Central is referenced in a book entitled "Minibikes" by Lori Kinstad Pupeza. My name is included in the photo credits.

I have also constructed a go kart with a motorcycle engine and a fully amphibious twin engine hovercraft. Videos of them can be viewed in the misc. info section.