Problem Solution
Minibike runs slow Take off governor, get new clutch, change oil, clean air filter, change gearing.
Briggs engine only runs in choke The main pickup tube has fallen off of the carb into the gas tank. Put it back together.
Engine won't start Check spark plug, clean or adjust carburetor, check timing, check electrical system, check air filtration.
Engine starts, dies Adjust carburetor as needed, check air filter, drain and then refill gas tank with new gas.
Brake doesn't work Check brake cable, clean brake pads, get new brake pads.
Bike shakes


Tighten mounting bolts, check crankshaft and clutch for bends.
Engine Overheats Lighten bike, check oil, put on governor, check timing.
Starter broken Check starter rope, get new rewind starter, (check battery, connections, or alternator if starter is electric)

A Simple Tune up Procedure

1. Service or replace air filter.

2. Check oil, replace if needed.

3. Remove blower housing and clean off cooling fins, carburetor, etc.

4. Clean fuel system.

5. Check if spark plug needs replacement. If it is corroded, clean it off and adjust carburetor so less fuel is put into the engine. If it looks like it is screwed up, just get a new one. They are really cheap. This is a good way to check for spark. Be SURE to wear gloves and use soft handled pliers when doing this. Otherwise you'll get a nasty shock. Take out plug, and connect plug wire. Notice the two points that stick out on the end of the plug? That's what you need to look at while doing this. Take the plug with the wire connected and touch the part that screws into the engine to the cooling fins. Do not let the end of the plug touch them, or this wont work. Then crank the engine. If you saw a very small spark jump between the connectors on the end of the spark plug, you're in good shape. If not, get a new plug or take the engine into a shop.

6. Check brake pads, cables, repair if necessary. Grease wheel bearings.

7. Put everything you took apart back together.

8. Start your engine.